Kickoff Meeting and Iftar

The EduCamp II kickoff meeting was held Sunday, July 20 in Mohamed Farid School in the El-Warraq Elhadar area. The meeting brought together representatives of Center for Sustainable Development at AUC, Sekem Development Foundation, Mohby Om Elkorra nongovernmental organization, representatives from the Ministry of Education, teachers from the local schools, as well as community figures and local volunteers. The GIZ was invited to meet the project team and receive information about the progress of the project.

EduCamp II was presented by Hani Sewilam, the project manager, and the project team to the audience, which was followed by a participatory session with Q&A and hearing of the participants’ needs, desires and opinions, which was important for the project implementation. Participants were together in an interactive opening and moderated session that worked on questions related to roles, expectations and contributions of the respective groups. This addressed issues from an integrative and horizontal perspective and the participatory approach would ensure awareness about the project and its activities and as well as the "buy-in" of relevant stakeholder groups. The results and documentation of the group sessions can inform the fact finding mission and serve as an entry point for further investigation. The kickoff session was closed by an iftar organized by the EduCamp II project consortium.

This event is a part of WP5 and it has been established and completed successfully.