Needs Assessment Report Recommendations

The problems of the area are highly complex and interrelated. Education, while playing a role in a more sustainable behavior, also plays a role in greater levels of consumption of electricity offsetting the improved behavior. Therefore, the aspect of ESD in a must for better development of informal areas. By bringing ESD in the area, it could potentially have a transformative effect by ensuring that those who received such education also exhibit significantly sustainable levels of consumption than their peers through increased awareness of environmental and sustainability issues as well as an increased appreciation of sustainable behavior.

The issues of SD hurt all the residents of the area from garbage in the street, to water and electricity frequently cutting, and so on. Thus, even though many of the respondents didn’t seem willing to change their behaviors, there is a huge room for ESD to tackle each of these individual problems and to instill a new culture of SD and environmental awareness among the inhabitants of Al-Warraq.

Based on the findings of the questionnaire, the following is recommended:

  • Developing SD activities in the summer schools that addresses household behaviors for sustainable water and electricity consumption.
  • Engage students in the summer school in community service projects that address the issues of Al-Warraq; specifically garbage collection and awareness programme.
  • Adapt the EduCamp kits so that there are activities that include better household behaviors.
  • Adapt the EduCamp kit activities in order to address for the fact that most class rooms are very overcrowded and that a more than average amount of students will be participating at any given time.
  • Address the issues of the area by increasing education and awareness which can begin to improve quality of life in Al-Warraq.
  • Encourage the community to get involved with the ESD activities in order to ensure successful implementation and sustainability of the project.
  • Focus on a more long term sustainable approach by encouraging the local government to include ESD in its curricula and teaching methods.