About the EduCamp II project

What is EduCamp II?

In line with the objectives of GIZ’s call for proposal and building on the GIZ Participatory Needs Assessment in Giza Governorate (2013), this action aims to promote the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as a tool to face the challenges of informal areas with the main focus being on El Warraq. The objectives of this action are also in line with the Egyptian effort to find solutions for informal areas, EU strategy for sustainable development (2008), the UN Decade Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014), and the Egyptian Education Reform Policy (2008-2010). This action will make use of the significant results of a 3.5-year TEMPUS project entitled “Education for Sustainable Development beyond the Campus (EduCamp)” which was the first initiative in Egypt to bring universities and schools together in a structured mechanism to introduce ESD in public schools nationwide.

The general objective is to help informal areas in Egypt to overcome many of their problems through educational and capacity development activities and actions. This is to be achieved through enhancement of educational and recreational services in El Warraq informal area/community and tackling key real community problems on the ground. The specific objectives of this action are;

  1. Development of a summer educational and recreational program extending for 2x3-weeks (3 weeks elementary school and 3 weeks preliminary school) and including educational and recreational sessions as well as hand-on activities that brings key sustainable development concepts to school students. This includes adapting and further development of the existing EduCamp kits to the characteristics of El Warraq area.

  2. Development of a Schoolteachers’ and Local Volunteers’ Training Program (ST-LV TP) to build and empower the capacity of teachers and local volunteers (youth and women) in El Warraq community to use best practice ESD teaching methodologies.

  3. Improvement and renovation of the existing educational and recreational facilities in two of the three public schools located in El Warraq, and

  4. Pilot implementation of the summer educational and recreational programme for 2-weeks.