About EduCamp II

  Building on the successful insights of the first phase, in 2014, the CSD launched the second phase of the project: EduCamp II, seeking to introduce ESD into informal areas in line with the European Union strategy for sustainable development (2008), the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005 -2014) and the Egyptian Education Reform Policy (2008 - 2010). EduCamp II sought to help informal areas in Egypt overcome many of their problems through educational and capacity-development activities and actions. The project was mainly a summer educational and recreational program for children, youth and women and focuses on the El Warraq informal area in Giza and was a funded by the European Union and the German government under the Participatory development progamme of urban areas (PDP)

The main achievements of the project include:

  • The development and pilot implementation of a summer educational and recreational program for children in ElSadat and Mohamed Farid schools in El Waraq.
  • The development of an ESD training program for the two schools’ teachers and local volunteers from El Waraq community.
  • The improvement and renovation of the existing educational and recreational facilities in the two schools in El Warraq.