Work Package 4

To make sure that the project reached its objective, a pilot implementation package will be devoted to organize the summer educational and recreational programme for 2x3-weeks (3 weeks for the elementary school and 3 weeks for the preliminary school).

  • Activity 4.1: The local NGO will be responsible for the preparation for the pilot implementation through intensive communication with the two schools and local volunteers. AUC will closely supervise the preparation to make sure that the local NGO in participation with the schools are able to organize the summer program in the future. The AUC will also support in getting necessary approvals to carry out the pilot implementation inside the two schools.

  • Activity 4.2: SEKEM will be the main responsible partner for the pilot implementation. The implementation will be carried out by the trainers who have been trained in WP2. SEKEM will be supporting the implementation by advising the trainers to make sure that they are able to implement the activities as received under WP2.  The pilot implementation will be one week in each of the participating schools. SEKEM will make sure that the students gain the knowledge expected and the learning objectives will be reached.

  • Activity 4.3: SEKEM will be involved in the assessment of the impact on the children. This will be done based on before/after evaluation of ESD knowledge and motivation for education. It is expected that children’s motivation for education and going to school will be higher after participating in the summer program. Previous experience in EduCamp showed great impact on teachers, students and the whole education environment.

WP4 will be conducted and implemented within the last 2 weeks of June 2015.