About EduCamp III

      After the success of EduCamp II, the CSD aims to implement the project on a larger scale by transforming the poor schools in Egypt into schools that meet the objectives of the Country’s Sustainable Development Strategy “Egypt 2030”. The CSD seeks to develop a role model for the Egyptian schools that enable them to deliver education in line with the Egyptian vision 2030. This transformation will provide solutions to the real-world problems (infrastructure, overcrowded classes, low teaching quality, private lessons, violence, etc.) with focus on children, youth, children with special needs and females and mothers in the area. This will be implemented by:

  • Developing new ESD kits from grade 1 to 4 and adapting the already established one from grade 5 to 9 to the local context of Boulaq ELDakrour. The new kits will be complementing class lessons or can even replace them with activities tailored to the class conditions, such as overcrowded classrooms, high student to teacher ratios, etc.
  • Developing and implementing capacity development program for teachers, school principals, administrative staff, and ministry officials to ensure the sustainability of the project and empower all stakeholders to adapt ESD practices into their lives.
  • Renovating existing facilities of the schools, establishing new rooms and providing all the needed resources for the school such as science and computer labs and community
  • Developing a School Community participatory model between the school and community to engage the various stakeholders of the schools and to ensure a sustainable and continuous model that can be disseminated, and replicated by other schools around Egypt