EduCamp III first field visit

On the 19thof April 2017, the EduCamp III team went on a field visit to Boulaq in order to better identify the needs and challenges facing the school.  During the visit the members of the EduCamp III team met with the teachers and school administrators in order to discuss with them the different challenges and problems facing the schools, the students, and the community.


During the visit, the school staff showed the EduCamp III team around the premises and discussed with them the potential for the project to develop the schools and to create a much more suitable learning environment for both teachers and students.  Members of the team were shown the classrooms and were told about the problems including the lack of resources, overcrowded class, dilapidated equipment, etc. Finally, the members of the team met with the principals of the schools and had a long discussion regarding the future of the schools and project.  


The visit ended with the team members thanking all of the school staff for their help and hospitality and promised to use the project in order to bring out the maximum benefit for the schools.