The American University in Cairo The Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) at American University in Cairo (AUC) aims to enable a dialogue among relevant stakeholders, who are interested and involved in informal area development, and who will implement this program in El Warraq.
Sekem Development Foundation SEKEM Development Foundation, with its extensive experience in formal and informal education, will play a significant role in training future trainers to carry out Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) activities. Its qualified teacher trainers will furthermore supervise the pilot implementation, coach the trainers and assess the impact on the children.


Mohby Omkora, local NGO, will play a significant role in enabling and facilitating the dialogue among the stakeholders and the work of the other consortium in the area. The involvement of Mohby Omkora is significant to ensure the effective and smooth communication with the local target groups and stakeholders and providing the access for the project team. In addition, Mohby Omkora will ensure the sustainability of the project and further implementation and dissemination of the developed activities in the area after the project lifetime.